“How do I design the next stage so it is energizing and engaging?”

Preparing for life's transitions requires more than a financial plan.
Design What’s Next provides you with a structure and insights to help you address the often emotional issues as you progress through this transition to a  fulfilling next stage in your life.
Many people between the ages of 50 and 70 change their relationship to their work. 

“How can I find or design work that fits with my values?”

“How can I go from success to meaning in my life?”


Your Purpose

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What's Next



Renewal & Revitalization

New Beginnings

Learn From Your Past & Future

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New Beginnings

 We offer coaching and workshops to identify engaging and energizing options available to you now, and we provide you with skills, tools and processes for addressing transitions you face in the future.

We offer these for individuals and groups, either in person or online. For more information, pricing and dates contact us at Tom@designwhatsnext.com. 



Face to Face

  •  4x2.5 hour sessions

  •  8x1.5 hour sessions​

  •  2 one day sessions

  •  4x2.5 hour sessions

  •  8x1.5 hour sessions​


  •  8x1.5 hour sessions​

  •  8x1.5 hour sessions​







Terry wanted to identify job options that were more in keeping with his values.


“My career counselor helps me find a job, but this program helped me understand what job I want.” - Terry R.

Tom was a builder who wants to influence environmental policy.

“ He keeps me focused on questions that I need to answer, but wouldn’t without his help.” - Tom W.

I want to thank you for your guidance and coaching  for the Life Transitions workshop. It has helped  me to think through , in a  structured fashion my next priorities and actions as I transition into retirement.

I’ve been “retired”  for two weeks now, I haven’t looked back, and feel like a 30 year old with boundless opportunities ahead.  I’ve set specific goals for myself  in terms of weekly reading,  attending Boston area lectures and exercising, and in general  becoming engaged in a whole world not tied in with my career. So this just spells opportunity.  


All this to say,  that previously   I had some major trepidation  about  leaving  work,  and  now am finding that great satisfaction with  my decision.  


So thank you again - Chris

Mary wanted to find a direction that would challenge and engage her while allowing for some flexibility. 

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in his/her life. The exercises are useful and purposeful, and the insights, probing questions and empathetic ear are all served up with a sense of humor that makes the process fun.” – Mary V.

Richard is a therapist interested in identifying new options for his next step in life.

“Expanded my ideas of who I am and what I might do. Get out there – don’t intellectualize - try options and see how they fit.” - Richard L.



Tom Sadtler's  approach to coaching is distinguished by a deep compassion for people and an understanding of how leaders succeed.  In his coaching practice, he has developed a program to help people design the last third of their lives. The program, called “Design What’s Next - Tools for Life’s Transitions,” focuses on a broad spectrum of life design elements including: relationships, finances, health, play, lifestyle and work re-imagined.

Greg Collins is a management consultant and coach who helps organizations and people see where they can go and then assists them in getting there.

His experience has been split between consulting and coaching.  Greg’s approach

to coaching focuses, first, on identifying and




Design What's Next

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