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Tom Sadtler's  approach to coaching is distinguished by a deep compassion for

people and an understanding of how leaders succeed.  In his coaching practice,

he has developed a program to help people design the last third of their lives.

The program, called “Design What’s Next - Tools for Life’s Transitions,” focuses

on a broad spectrum of life design elements including: relationships, finances,

health, play, lifestyle and work re-imagined.

In addition to coaching, Tom has an extensive background in business, in consulting and in psychiatric social work. In business, he has held senior positions at H.P.,  at CA Technologies,  at the MIT Media Lab and at the Cambridge Hospital Department of Psychiatry. As a consultant, he has provided guidance to  Presidents, General Managers and marketing executives in a variety of industries.


As President and a founding director of Forgiveness International, he has led forgiveness and reconciliation workshops in South Africa, Colombia and the U.S. These workshops help people free themselves from the bonds of anger so they can move on with their lives.  


Tom has a BS, cum laude in Psychology from Tufts University, an MSW from Boston College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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